Dynamic video wall showcase

The Challenge

The front page of the Telegraph’s print and digital publications are continually changing. I was tasked with creating a real-time display featuring the covers from all the Telegraph’s offerings, including print and digital.

The Solution

After investigating the print publication’s workflow, I was able to obtain access to the PDF version of all of the Telegraph’s print output. I then wrote a node.js script that pulled down the PDF files and extracted the first page as a PNG using ImageMagick. The converted image was then uploaded to cloud storage. The script also used Puppeteer to take a screenshot of the homepage and then upload it.

Every morning, the images were updated with the latest versions via a simple cron task that ran the script.

With the cover images now available, attention turned to the display. The lobby and newsroom video walls had full-screen Chrome windows, so I created a site that loaded the images and animated them on a loop. The animation was handled with PixiJS, transitioning both the images and the background colour. The background colour was extracted from each image by looking for the most prominent colour in the HSV scale and then converting it to a pleasing hue.

Project skills