Redesigning BBC Homepage: UI Engineering Insights

The Challenge

As the UI Engineer for the BBC homepage redesign, I confronted the unique challenge of crafting an accessible and visually appealing interface that catered to a diverse audience, including users with older browsers. The project demanded strict adherence to BBC's W3C/WAI accessibility guidelines and browser compatibility requirements.

The Solution

My approach focused on developing UI components using JavaScript, CSS, and PHP, ensuring WCAG AAA compliance across various browsers. I played a key role in implementing a visually-driven design, featuring a color-coded carousel with intuitive icons for different content categories. Ensuring seamless navigation and backward compatibility for this crucial element was paramount.

Success hinged on close collaboration with UX designers. We iteratively refined the design through prototyping and user testing, ensuring the interface met both project goals and BBC's accessibility standards.

I developed several of UI components, including the interactive carousel, contributing directly to improved user experience and accessibility for millions of BBC visitors.

This project showcased my ability to:

Project skills