Andrew Mason Creative Technologist

Underworld VR: Subterranean London

Underworld was the second virtual reality project I led as the creative technologist and was responsible ensuring the successful launch on Google’s new Daydream VR hardware.

Utilising the potential of Daydream controller, Underworld allows the user to explore the London sewer system with an interactive torch lighting their way.

To coincide with the launch of VR experience we built an interactive site. Using audio interviews, animation and historical imagery it transports you into the hidden world beneath London.

Underworld was a launch exclusive for the Google Daydream platform taking full advantage of the controller, real-time graphics and spatial audio to immerse the player in the VR experience.
Screen capture of the Underworld website
The interactive Underworld site was built featuring an animation system that synced spoken audio with text as it guides you through the London sewers.

360 image of 3D tunnel
The experience is rendered in real-time 3D with players explore using the Daydream controller which acts as a torch.