Andrew Mason Creative Technologist

Beat the Hustler: A VR street con

Beat the hustler is an interactive 360 VR experience that places you in the shoes of a tourist playing the shell game. The aim of the game is to find the ball under the cup. However, unbeknownst to the player a team of pick-pockets are working the crowd.

The idea was storyboarded and test-shot at the Guardian before filming took place near Tower Bridge. A GoPro Odyssey was used to film all scenes and later edited before bringing the footage into Unity.

Unity was used to combine 360 video with real-time 3D interactions, allowing users to play the shell game and later identify the pick-pockets. By using the DayDream SDK and PlayMaker I was able to transition the player between different videos while creating an immersive experience.

Screen capture of website
360 filming took place near Tower Bridge. You play as the “mark” in a street con choosing where the hidden ball is and searching for the secret pick-pocket

Screen capture of website
The game was built in Unity using PlayMaker and DayDream’s SDK. Spatial audio and carefully edited videos transitioned players from one scene to the next.

Actors in the Hustle performance
Several actors were used to recreate the hustle scene. Careful direction was needed to ensure the user felt as if they where present while playing.