Andrew Mason Creative Technologist



6x9: Virtual Reality Solitary Confinement

6x9 is the Guardian’s first virtual reality experience, placing you inside a US solitary confinement prison cell. As the creative technologist, I was responsible for overseeing the interaction design, technical development and delivery of the VR experience on multiple platforms including GearVR, Google cardboard and 360 video. I also designed and developed the WebGL promotional site that used optimised 3D assets and shaders for desktop and mobile. A custom in-browser editor was created for fine-tuning animation timings and help debugging.

Tour de France WebGL

I was commissioned to create a data-visualisation that showcased the history of the Tour de France’s most famous hill climbs, Alpe D’Huez. To bring the data to life I combined satellite photograph with accurate elevation data to create a 3D WebGL reconstruction of the mountain course. Careful attention was given to the mobile UX with the inclusion of both tap and swipe navigation. An image based non-WebGL alternative was included as a fall-back for older browsers.

WebGL GameBoy

Blender is an amazing 3D application but is known for its steep learning curve. To better understand Blender and the workflow from modeling, texturing through to WebGL I set out to recreate one of my favourite consoles, the GameBoy pocket. JavaScript WebGL Blender The final result is an interactive 3D textured model with animated motion and shadow. Try spinning and zooming in. Several reference images were used to accurately model the GameBoy.