Andrew Mason Creative Technologist



6x9: Virtual Reality Solitary Confinement

6x9 is the Guardian’s first virtual reality experience, placing you inside a US solitary confinement prison cell. As the creative technologist, I was responsible for overseeing the interaction design, technical development and delivery of the VR experience on multiple platforms including GearVR, Google cardboard and 360 video. I also designed and developed the WebGL promotional site that used optimised 3D assets and shaders for desktop and mobile. A custom in-browser editor was created for fine-tuning animation timings and help debugging.

Beat the Hustler: A VR street con

Beat the hustler is an interactive 360 VR experience that places you in the shoes of a tourist playing the shell game. The aim of the game is to find the ball under the cup. However, unbeknownst to the player a team of pick-pockets are working the crowd. The idea was storyboarded and test-shot at the Guardian before filming took place near Tower Bridge. A GoPro Odyssey was used to film all scenes and later edited before bringing the footage into Unity.