Andrew Mason Creative Technologist




Glitching or Databending is about manipulating data to introduce artifices that result in distortions from the original source. To explore data-bending more I created Glitchor, a tool that let me create my own glitched images. By directly manipulating the RGB data-structure of a source image I am able to generate unique artistic results. Personal JavaScript Image manipulation Glitch I have a personal soft-spot for the aesthetic of old CRT TV signals.

WebGL GameBoy

Blender is an amazing 3D application but is known for its steep learning curve. To better understand Blender and the workflow from modeling, texturing through to WebGL I set out to recreate one of my favourite consoles, the GameBoy pocket. JavaScript WebGL Blender The final result is an interactive 3D textured model with animated motion and shadow. Try spinning and zooming in. Several reference images were used to accurately model the GameBoy.