Andrew Mason Creative Technologist


Interactive Media

Scottish independence dashboard

To track the Scottish referendum we built a real-time data-visualisation dashboard showing results as it happened. I built a node.js workflow that took data from a Google spreadsheet, parsed it into JSON and uploaded it to S3. The JSON data was polled in-browser and used to render the map and charts with D3. Journalists were able to update the data in the field which appeared on user’s screen within seconds.

The Journey

“Syrian refugee Hashem Alsouki risks his life crossing the Mediterranean, his sights set on Sweden” Blending long-form journalism with seamless video playback and responsive image presentation this interactive tells the story one man’s journey for a better life. It was also the Guardian’s first Facebook Instant article. interactive-media the Guardian Video taken from the crossing is integrated into the page and loaded dynamically as the page is scrolled.

Walled World

The Walled World interactive highlights walls built around the world that divide people from their neighbours. Uses satellite imagery, SVG animations and video the interactive charts the path of the walls and the impact they have on people’s lives. interactive-media the Guardian SVG animations are used to plot out the route of the walls. As user’s scroll down the page the wall’s path is exposed.